Ty Associates:Tying It All Together!

Ok, now we are something!

You can be treated like an entrepreneur or treated like manure, the choice is yours! The sweet smell of success lays in planning, opportunity and some luck among other things.

Venture capital represents in many instances the start-up capital that is required to start and/or expand a business, this capital, the average bank would have trepidations about funding based on many factors. The Venture capitalist may be a serial entrepreneur that is looking to fund many businesses with the hope that all or many will become something special.

Like people, Venture capitalist are all different, for me it starts with great credit, credit and character go together like soap and water. then, its the idea/concept etc.

Poor credit is a deal-breaker for us, if you can't handle or manage your own money, what are you going to do with ours? The concept of using "others people's money" is preposterous for this person, we will show you to the door ASAP.

Note: The best boss you will ever have is that person you see in the mirror every day!

If you have a business plan or idea and are in need of funding, Ty Associates would love to help you bring your dreams to flourishen. Hey, microsoft, apple computers, ferrari  all had to start from somewhere. Let's make history.

Harness the power of our network! no matter how big or small, we maybe able to jump start your business.

For your information some of the more successful businesses where started as an idea on the back of an envelope or a napkin in casual conversation, then, superstardom!

If you understand the stages of a sale which are: The pre-approach, the approach, the presentation or demonstration; overcoming objections and the close. The stages the customer's mind goes through are: attention, interest, desire and conviction. The 3 elements of a sale are: communications, benefits and relationships, not necessarily in that order. A thorough understanding of the aforementioned items will give all parties involved the ability to put their best foot forward.

Give us a call, hey you never know.

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