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Refund planning has now become the key to a successful tax return, take much of the uncertainty away from your taxes. Tax planning is not for everyone, many people are fine with their annual results and really don't need our services, however, if you need 5 thousand, 10 thousand or even 15 thousand for next year or multiple years you are at the right place.

As a Ty Associates client in good financial standing with us, you can become a premium tax client, where we can plan your refund for $750 (in addition to tax prep fees), for only about $2 dollars a day you can get down payment money for a car, pay for that family vacation, invest in your financial portfolio on and on!

We can plan to get you right by the end of the year or prepare for future years. The months of September through December represent the best time to begin to consult with us to put the plan in place. For your information, much of tax planning involves sacrificing something for a greater prize at the end.

Before any refund is distributed, the government checks to see if you owe: (1) child support, (2) student loans and (3) back taxes, in that order. If you are in this situation, you will have to pay for your tax preparation directly out-of-pocket, Due to the fact that the government will not respect our tax preparation fees and will take out of your refund the money that is required to satisfy those debts. Some clients jump from preparer-to-preparer because the previous preparer has not been paid due to tremendous debts. We have to protect our own interests. You can call the financial management offsets telephone number which is: 800-304-3107 to determine if you have any outstanding government debts that you have defaulted on, this is a 24 hour hotline. Note: You don't work for free, nor do we.

If you are not a current client of Ty Associates and you have an interest, please be prepared with your previous year(s) tax returns (2 years), we will charge you our full price of $1,500. As you can see a 50% savings just by being our client, however, if you are not our client and don't plan to be one, this is still fine, we can still offer our refund planning services to you at our full price and you can continue to do your taxes yourself or continue to use the same tax preparation business that you have used before, we understand the changed nature of tax preparation and we have made our adjustments, as well.

Refund tax planning is not an exact science, but we can get you in the general vicinity of your stated goals. It usually involves quarterly reviews of your finances to make sure that we remain on the right path or should we need to make a course correction for one reason or another.

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