Ty Associates:Tying It All Together!

Educated consumers say, the absolute best way to determine if a product or service is worthy of patronage is to ask its clients and they will advise you accordingly. Ty Associates understands this phenomenon.

Ty Associates has been the greatest beneficiary of the word-of-mouth system, one satisfied customer telling another and another. God bless those who have chosen to spread the word about us! please study these referral options to see if our referral program can be of benefit to you.

One new client referral in a tax season will get you a chicken wing! 2 new client referrals in a tax season will get you a thank you, but...

Starbucks Referral Program:

Please give some serious consideration to our referral program, where you can earn a $25 starbucks gift card courtesy Ty Associates, to qualify, first you have to be a current client "in good standing", you have to send us at least 3 new clients that actually complete their business with us in this particular tax season at full price, which means no discounts. We can send your card via email or regular 1st class mail.

There is one card per person, per tax season.  Your referral count reduces by one for each client that doesn't complete their business with us. You must send us a list of all of your referrals to our group email account which is: info@tyassociates.com please "cc" Troy@tyassociates.com to ensure that we won't miss it. Your email will then be "time-stamped" and archived from April 15th to April 30th of the current tax season, any request made after the month of April will be denied, no exceptions.

Note: You will receive your Starbucks card via U.S. first class mail. There will be only one issued per customer. In other words, if you don't get it, it is too bad. You will not get another one.

We also offer generous referral fees for Ty Associates clients, who are in good standing with us financially, who have referred clients to us for: Mortgage consultations and refund planning.

You will get $150 for each client that you send to us that actually completes their business with us for Mortgage consultations and $250 for each client that you successfully refer to us and who completes their business with us for refund planning who chooses not to be a tax client and $100 if they become a current year client.

A new referral is a client who has no past business or financial history with us. This client must be willing to put it in writing before our financial transaction is complete, that you, indeed, are the one who sent them. It should include your full name and it should be sent via email to info@tyassociates.com and cc'd to troy@tyassociates.com, therefore, time-stamped. We will send your check to you via fedex, ups, u.s. post office priority mail, we will send your payment via certified check or money order.

When a "Thank you" is not good enough!

Note: There is no such thing as a free lunch, somebody paid for it. You get what you paid for, if you pay nothing, you will probably get nothing! We understand that your name and reputation is on the line every time you refer or recommend a product or service to someone, at Ty Associates, we accept this challenge wholeheartedly. This referral page has been created to show you how you can benefit from your referrals. Multiple revenue streams is the name of the game.

partnership for preachers

If you are a part of a church and/or religious organization and you believe that your church would like to benefit from any of its member's business relationship with us, then, have a representative from your church contact us via telephone at 800-219-4885 and register with us, once registered, we will recognize your church as a partner. The representative from the church must send us a list of referrals in the month of April of all of the people that was sent to us by this church, as long as another person or entity doesn't use that same person on their list. A check in the amount of $100 for each and every referral will be sent to church at the end of April. For churches, we offer an opportunity for residual income, if the referral continues with us for the next year, then we will repeat this good deed as long as they continue to do business with us and is in good standing. Note: the referral count is reduced by any referral that doesn't pay full price and/or doesn't complete their business with us.

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