Ty Associates:Tying It All Together!

When you go to a bank or lending institution, their loan officers, etc. work for that organization, therefore, they work in the best interest of the entity that pays them, but not necessarily for you. The coincidence of their organization's policies and procedures; as well as industry standards may, work in your best interest. Banks have a reputation of being cold-blooded, when everything is good, they are great, but if you have a financial misstep or have some issues, then, you may see the fangs masked under the smiles and professional demeanor.

Ty Associates offers mortgage consulting because now, you have someone on your side that you actual pay for and we are answerable to you, not the bank! Necessity is the mother of invention, Ty Associates offered mortgage consultations, due to the financial crisis starting in 2007. Many of our clients as well as many Americans throughout the country had loans that were incorrect for them and we were called by some of our clients to help in these matters.

We can prepare you for the mortgage process, so that you are not overwhelmed, more like the  student who has studied for the test days before and can go to any financial institution and be in command. For your information, foreclosure is not an option!

You must play chess and not checkers in this regard, you should always be at least 2 moves ahead and never get  caught off-guard with anything throughout the process. In chess, we learn that a good opening can set the tone for great results. A home purchase is usually the biggest item most people will make throughout their lifetimes. some people have or will have made several home purchases in their lives. Your realized gain can be a savings of 3-4 thousand per year on a 15 year mortgage which can equate to about $50,000 through the life of the loan and if it is a 30 year mortgage well above $100,000 in actual savings.

Our fee for services for each property starts at $1,500 and can rise to $5-6 thousand per property for multi-million dollar homes. Our fee will be pennies, in relation to the cost of your  property, the on-going consultations and your realized gains in the long term. Our payment should be sent via fedex, ups or u.s. priority mail (not regular first class mail) We will accept certified checks, cashier checks and/or money orders only. Make payment to:  Ty Associates.  Please call us to make detailed arrangements pertaining to your payment, so absolutely, no time is wasted pertaining to our business affairs.







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