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A five minute phone call will do it, in as little as five minutes we can ask you all of the critical questions about your past tax return(s) to determine whether we can correct your past returns and/or make you some money!

You have 2 years to make changes to a pre-existing return, if data was inputted into your return incorrectly and/or you forgot to enter some tax materials such as: w-2, dependent information, unemployment compensation, interest and dividends, etc. It may be best to do what is know as an amended return. Sometimes, you may not have maximized your tax returns, therefore, we can give  you a free phone consultation to determine if an amended return is necessary or even worth it, in terms of tax preparation cost versus what you will be receiving in the form of a refund.

For your information, about 90% of the people get or come very close to maximizing their returns, however, there is 10% who fall short and have been falling short for years, many more than likely do their returns themselves and settle for the lesser refund results and say, "well, as long as I don't owe the government" they will find that satisfying as opposed to getting everything that they deserve.

If you lost $500 per year for the past 8 years, that will equal $4,000. You know what you could do with that money?! why continue to give it to the government when it is your money.

Here is how it works:

step 1: a phone consultation with us, please have copies of your past 2 years returns near you when you call, we may have to ask you some critical questions from your return, if we determine that there is an opportunity for extra money, then we will ask you to email us copies of the returns, sometimes, all we need are the base forms for your federal and state returns, respectively. Also, you can go to irs.gov and request actual transcripts of the year(s) that we are inquiring about, however, this will only give transcripts for the federal portion of the return, You will have to contact your respective state for the state transcripts. It may be best to contact all of the employers to see if you can be sent copies of your w-2's and other critical tax materials from all of the tax sources that you were involved with for that particular tax year.

step 2: we will review your paperwork for each tax year and determine your refund(s) and our tax preparation fees.

Note: Amended returns can take up to 16 weeks to process from the date of acceptance by the governmental entities. your payment will come in a paper check at the address that we type in. So, please make sure the address is accurate and current to avoid delays, etc. Also, the government will now pay you interest as of April 15th of the original due date of the return(s) usually at a 4% interest rate.

You can check on the status of your amended returns via telephone at 800-829-1040, you will get voice prompts, the proper sequence to get through them to get to amended return area is: 1-2 you will have to type into your telephone's key pad your 9 digit social security number, your exact date of birth and your zip code that was used on the return. You will hear the number of years that you have filed an amended return for, then you will prompted to choose which year you would like information for, then you will be told the date of acceptance and given a projected date when your check will be or has been issued. You can also go to irs. gov and typed in the same information.

You have 3 years to file a tax return and 2 years to make changes, hence the amended returns. However, if you have outstanding government debts such as: child support, student loans and/or back taxes the government will still allow you to file your taxes, but any refund will go to pay down these debts. The 2 year window is open wider for people in this position, so if you or someone you know, has not filed for years because these entities will take their refunds, etc. encourage them to file and reduce the debt and maybe when all of those years are filed, it will get them out debt and back to normal filers.

All of our amended returns fees will have to be paid out-of-pocket, therefore, no fees are deducted from these returns. We accept debit/credit cards, checks and money orders. Hopefully, you will tell someone about this feature of tax preparation that we offer. Note: you don't work for free, nor do we.




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