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Greetings, I hope this website visit finds both you and your family in great health.

We are now experiencing "The new normal" in income tax preparation, President Donald Trump's tax cutting plan is now in full effect until the year 2025. There are winners and losers within this tax plan, hopefully, you are counted among the winners, if not, you may need a phone consultation to make the proper adjustments to maximize your tax situation.

Ty Associates works exclusively via phone, fax, email and mail, this allows for us to get the maximum from the minimum in terms of Money, Energy, Time and Space (M.E.T.S.). This allows us to efficiently execute our 50 state strategy of  preparing taxes in every state and Washington, DC.  We do Amended returns, part-year residents, non-residents, refund planning and mortgage consultations. Please look at all of our web pages at the top of this home page and see if Ty Associates is the place for you.

As far as mortgages goes, you can open our mortgage calculator page at the top of this web page to mathematically work out a mortgage to better prepare you for the home buying and/or mortgage process or open the mortgage consultations page to get some in-depth knowledge of the scope of our services in this area.

The rise of people doing their taxes on their own independent of a tax professional, has produced  unscrupulous scam artists that are taking advantage of their naivete. These scammers are making intimidating phone calls, sending emails and/or letters in the mail to clients asking to pay ungodly sums of money and many people are actually  paying them. The immigrant, the elderly and the youth are especially vulnerable, but it can happen to all people. They know that you have no one that you can call on for help and your fear of major problems with the government are the sentiments that they prey on.

I will pray for you! May god continue to bless you, your family and everyone that you care about.


Troy Youngblood

Ceo, Ty Associates

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